Meet Zakumi, World Cup mascot

Every world event must have a mascot, and the 2010 World Cup is no exception.

Meet Zakumi, a 15-year-old narcoleptic leopard with green hair.

Zakumi is a happy, sel-confident, adventurous, and spontaneous.  He absolutely loves performing.  He loves to make friends, and enjoys teasing people.  He has a tendency to exaggerate a bit.

He loves to play football, and carries his ball around with him at all times.  He dyed his hair green to help camouflage him against the green.

His one weakness is his frequent need for rest.   He sometimes falls asleep at the most random times.

Cute, isn’t he?? Unfortunately, he has cause quite a bit of a controversy and may not even be sold in South Africa at all.

His manufactoring was outsourced from South Africa to China, which cause the first bit of controversy and caused the Congress of South African Trade Unions to call for a boycott of all Zakumi products in South Africa.

Inverstigations by the British press also showed that slave labour was used in the Chinese factories, with workers working in terrible conditions for less than $3 a day.  FIFA has recently opened an investigation.

So, cute as he is, will you still buy him??