Argentina’s such a diva

In what I feel is one of the funniest stories to come out of the World Cup so far, the list of demands made by Argentina to the University of Pretoria’s High Performance Center, where they will be staying for the duration of the cup, has been made public. And wow, what a list!!

Included in these demands were:

  • ten hot dishes a day, as well as 14 different salads for every meal
  • three different pasta sauces for every meal and at least three desserts
  • braai once every three days
  • ice cream available all day
  • six playstations for the players to use
  • all the rooms to be painted white

On top of those crazy demands (14 salads, really??), the sinks and toilets in the two washrooms reserved for Maradona had to be replaced. The bidet that has been installed includes a heated seat.  Yes, you read right: a heated seat. Diva much, Maradona??

Other teams had much simpler, less crazy demands.

  • Brazil requested lots of coffee and cookies, and no chocolate, as well that the pool be heated to 32°C
  • Slovakians have asked for two table tennis tables and an electronic dartboard
  • North Koreans have asked for Korean rice with all meals and the exclusive use of an entire floor of the hotel
  • The Italians are bringing their own gym equipment, as well as their own pasta
  • The Mexicans are bringing their own priest

It’s almost like J.Lo and Brangelina are staying there, not athletes!! Oh, well, I guess everyone needs somewhere to unwind and relax during the crazy, stressful month that is the World Cup. Still, 14 salads??



Soccer Legends

So I’ve noticed that when sports events are huge, people have a tendency to compare current players to older, retired, amazing players.  So I’ve decided to compile a list of ten players that are considered soccer legends.

Like my last list, they will be in alphabetical order, to show no preference.

Roberto Baggio

Team: Italy

Position: Second striker/winger

Age: 43

World Cups played in: 90, 94, 98

Franz Beckenbauer

Team: Germany

Position: Sweeper

Age: 64

World Cups played in: 66, 70, 74

Sir Bobby Charlton

Team: England

Position: Midfielder/forward

Age: 72

World Cups played in: 66

Ruud Gullit

Team : Netherlands

Position: Defender/midfielder/striker

Age: 47

World cups played in: 90

Diego Maradona

Team: Argentina

Position: Attacking midfielder/second striker

Age: 49

World Cups played in: 82, 96, 90, 94

Roger Milla

Team: Cameroon

Position: Forward

Age: 57

World Cups played in: 90, 94


Team: Brazil

Position: Forward

Age: 69

World Cups played in: 58, 62, 70

Michel Platini

Team: France

Position: Attacking midfielder

Age: 54

World Cups played in: 78, 82, 86

Hugo Sanchez

Team: Mexico

Position: Striker

Age: 51

World Cups played in: 78, 86, 94


Team: Brazil

Position: Playmaker, attacking midfielder

Age: 56

World cups played in: 78, 82, 86

And there you have. Now, when people talk about how amazing Maradona was, or about how someone doesn’t compare to Pelé, or how there will never be another Zico, you’ll know exactly who they mean!!