Funny & Weird News

So I know it’s been almost two weeks since I said I’d be back, but still nothing new’s gone up.  I’m sorry!!  But seriously, it’s hard to write new stuff while working a full-time job, searching for a different full-time job, doing online classes, commuting for 3 hours a day, researching for two blogs, reading as much as possible, and having crazy friends who plan a million things.

So while I am working on a few good posts, I’ll just put this one up for now.  It’s all the funny and interesting stories I’ve come across in the last week or so. Enjoy!

12 Sports That Would Be Wildly Popular If People Knew They Existed (The Huffington Post)

Fan brings loaf of bread and jar of peanut butter to stadium to make sandwiches during Man City-CSKA match (The Dirty Tackle)

10 Weirdest Sports You’ve Probably Never Heard of (Huffington Post)

Russian futsal player punches referee in the face after being shown a red card – video (Metro UK)

Irish Premier League star live tweeted botched burglary and it’s hilarious (Independant)

Here’s Wayne Rooney and Ed Sheeran singing Robbie William’s “Angels”:

And the most hilarious corner kick I’ve seen in a while: