Colombian team robbed in South Africa

The Colombian team did not have a good couple of days.

A day after checking into the Hyde Park Southern Sun hotel in northern Johannesberg, they were robbed of £1900.

The Colombians were in South Africa to play a friendly match against Bafana Bafana, which they lost 2-1. They played in a sold-out Soccer City in Soweto.

Two women have been arrested and charged.  CCTV cameras showed two scantily-clad women in the corridors right before the robbery.

The Hyde had asked police to keep the matter quiet to try and avoid negative publicity before the cup. Police ignored the request and arrested the women after complaints from the Colombian team.

This isn’t the first time a team has been robbed in South Africa. According to the South African Times:

In June, during the Confederations Cup, $2400 (R18394) was stolen from several players from the Egyptian soccer team at Johannesburg’s Wanderers Protea Hotel.

Many teams have concerns about South Africa’s high crime rate. Officials have promised to try and make this the safest cup ever.

This definitely won’t help matters. The police isn’t helping either, with quotes like this one:

Gauteng police spokesman Colonel Eugene Opperman said: “It was an inside job. How do you police that? You cannot. They worked there everyday.”

The Hyde Park Southern Sun will play host during the cup to the Slovania team, who check in June 8th.

Good luck to them!!


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