A note from moi

So a while ago I’d promised I’d put up small bios and career highlights of the 15 hottest players, and I never did it.  So I’ll be doing it now, and posting them as often as I can.  The World Cup is in less than a month, so I need to hurry and have those up.

I’ll also be altering the list a little.  Some of the players are no longer attending the world cup, and I’ve also discovered other hot ones.  So I may up the list to twenty.  Maybe.

I can’t guarantee that the posts will be super in-depth.  If you’re looking for a complete history for each player, I suggest you look them up on Wikipedia.  But I can promise a pretty picture and enough to get by in conversation.

So look for that starting next week.

Also, I’ve started a new blog, and you’re all welcome to check it out.  It is essentially just my opinion on random things I find online or things I want to do or place that look interesting.  It is a completely random blog, and I’m open to topic suggestions.  Feel free to check it out here. It has what I consider the best name ever. Shenanigans and Blarglelargle. Yeah, try saying that ten times fast!!

Anyways, thanks for checking out my blog, and I hope you check out my new one.  And come back for some hot pictures next week!!


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