So I was looking through sites, and I realized that a lot of the teams aren’t referred to by their name, they are referred to by nicknames.

Some of these names were easy to figure out, but for some, I had no idea who they meant.  And some teams seem to only be referred to by their nicknames, while some are rarely used.

And so, using the wonders that are Google, Wikipedia, and numerous blogs and news sites, I have compiled what I believe is an accurate list of nicknames for the countries that are competing at this year’s World Cup.

In alphabetical order, they are:

  • Argentina – Albicelestes
  • Australia – Socceroos
  • Brazil – Seleção, Canarinha
  • Cameroon – Lions Indomptables
  • Chile – La Roja
  • Côte d’Ivoire – Les Éléphants
  • Denmark – Danish Dynomite
  • England – The Three Lions
  • France – Les Bleus
  • Germany – Mannschaft
  • Ghana – The Black Stars
  • Greece – To Piratiko
  • Honduras – Los Catrachos
  • Italy – Azzurri
  • Japan – Blue Samurai
  • Korea Republic – Taeyuk Warriors
  • Mexico – El Tri
  • Netherlands –  Oranje
  • New Zealand – All Whites, Kiwis
  • Nigeria – Super Eagles
  • Paraguay – Albirroja
  • Portugal – Selecção das Quinas
  • Serbia – Plavi
  • Slovakia – Bojovni Jondovci
  • South Africa – Bafana Bafana
  • Spain –  La Furia Roja
  • Switzerland – Nati
  • Uruguay – La Celeste

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any nicknames for Algeria, Korea DPR, Slovania, or the USA.  If anyone knows those, feel free to let me know.

I hope this helps the next time anyone reads a news article and they don’t mention the country, just the nickname.



5 thoughts on “Nicknames

  1. daisysus says:

    That would be awesome, but sadly, that’s not it. It just means Red Fury. Not quite as exciting, but the guys still look hot, so it’s okay in my world!!

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