Brazil reclaims #1 spot

Brazil has reclaimed the top spot in FIFA’s world rankings.

This is the 7th time they’ve taken the top spot since the list’s creation in 1993.  They have been at the top for a combined total of 143 months.

Spain, who held the top spot for 5 consecutive months, has now moved to the #2 spot.

Portugal went up one spot to number 3, pushing out Holland, who moves to number 4.

Also moving up was Argentina, who moves up two spots to number 7, and Croatia, who moves up one to number 9.

England moves one down to number 8, and France moves down two to number 10.

Italy and Germany remain unmoved.

The top ten rankings stand as:

  1. Brazil
  2. Spain
  3. Portugal
  4. Holland
  5. Italy
  6. Germany
  7. Argentina
  8. England
  9. Croatia
  10. France

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