World Cup Rings

The world cup will soon follow in the tradition of all professional North American sports- there will be rings.

Unlinke North American sports, however, where every member of the winning team gets a ring, the World Cup rings will be available for sale to the public.  At least, for this tournament.

There will be three kinds of rings made: a limited number of platinum rings encrusted with emeralds; 33 rings made of white gold; and the rest will be made of a silver/gold mixture.  There will be 2,010 rings made.

FIFA president Joseph Blatter will be receiving one of the platinum and emerald rings, while the player chose as the tournament MVP will receive a white gold version.

The ring will have known World Cup symbols such as the FIFA logo, the South Africa 2010 logo, and a spinning soccer ball on top.

The plan is that in the future, members of the winning team will all receive a ring.

Made by jewlers in Colombia, the rings will be sold from $2,490 for the low end to $249,000 for the high end.

In my opinion, they are only awesome if you played at the tournament; even more so if you won. Otherwise, they are a not-so-pretty ring that you can’t really wear every day.  I say use you quarter million for something much better.


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