Soccer Legends

So I’ve noticed that when sports events are huge, people have a tendency to compare current players to older, retired, amazing players.  So I’ve decided to compile a list of ten players that are considered soccer legends.

Like my last list, they will be in alphabetical order, to show no preference.

Roberto Baggio

Team: Italy

Position: Second striker/winger

Age: 43

World Cups played in: 90, 94, 98

Franz Beckenbauer

Team: Germany

Position: Sweeper

Age: 64

World Cups played in: 66, 70, 74

Sir Bobby Charlton

Team: England

Position: Midfielder/forward

Age: 72

World Cups played in: 66

Ruud Gullit

Team : Netherlands

Position: Defender/midfielder/striker

Age: 47

World cups played in: 90

Diego Maradona

Team: Argentina

Position: Attacking midfielder/second striker

Age: 49

World Cups played in: 82, 96, 90, 94

Roger Milla

Team: Cameroon

Position: Forward

Age: 57

World Cups played in: 90, 94


Team: Brazil

Position: Forward

Age: 69

World Cups played in: 58, 62, 70

Michel Platini

Team: France

Position: Attacking midfielder

Age: 54

World Cups played in: 78, 82, 86

Hugo Sanchez

Team: Mexico

Position: Striker

Age: 51

World Cups played in: 78, 86, 94


Team: Brazil

Position: Playmaker, attacking midfielder

Age: 56

World cups played in: 78, 82, 86

And there you have. Now, when people talk about how amazing Maradona was, or about how someone doesn’t compare to Pelé, or how there will never be another Zico, you’ll know exactly who they mean!!


3 thoughts on “Soccer Legends

  1. mohammed says:

    hi,i beleive that marradona that he played much better than pele .he had a good teqniqal perfect and could drip and cheat all player 2 pass through them .
    I like him because he is a gentleman and a real strong man.

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