Prize money

I know many of you were wondering, “What does the winner get?”, so I’ve decided to look into that for you. And it’s way more than I thought it was.

So for starters, every team who qualified for the group round gets $1 million for preparation purposes.

It gets even crazier after that.

Teams eliminated at the group stage get $8 million each.  If you continue on, but are eliminated in the round of 16 (the 2nd round), your team takes home $9 million.  Those who are eliminated at the quarter finals receive $18 million each, and the semi-finalists get $20 million each.

The runner-up gets $24 million, and the winner takes home an amazing $30 million.

FIFA will also be paying the clubs who have players in the tournament.  In order to stave off any claimsby the clubs of injuries from cup matches, FIFA has set up a $40 million fund.

“Every club who has a player at the World Cup will receive $1,600 per day, per player,” Jérôme Valcke, the Fifa general secretary, said. “The money will be paid 15 days before the start of the tournament and to one day after the player’s participation ends.”

This is a crazy amount of money, in my opinion.  The total prize money is up 60% from the last World Cup.  Is soccer really worth this much??

The answer, at least, for the world outside North America, is a resounding yes.


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